Move to Spain, Go Vegan and Ride your Bike (Fast!). Life doesn’t get better than this!

My name is David Ellis and my goal is to help plant eaters to become better athletes, and athletes who want to perform better transition to a plant based diet.

I’m not an elite athlete, but I do like a bit of competition and where I live in Southern Spain there’s no shortage of like minded people.

Living in the one of the most mountainous countries in Europe it came as a shock to the system when I returned to cycling, as an overweight 60 year old, after a break of 30 plus years.

As the weight came off and I looked for more speed up the climbs, I came to begrudge hauling around an extra 2 Kilos of rotting meat in my gut and decided to do something.

Having flirted with vegetarianism in England in the early eighties and experienced the horrors of vegetarian Junk food I decided I wanted to go full throttle: Vegan whole food.Luckily the Spanish pretty much do vegan from birth so it wasn’t that hard.The bottom line is that I’m a convert; I’m Faster, Fitter, Stronger, Sharper and Better than ever before. I’ve just signed up for my first race powered by plants!

Now I want to share my enthusiasm and knowledge with the whole world. I’m really interested in improving athletic performance but the advice here works for anyone who wants to upgrade their enjoyment of life.

The World Plant Based Athletes Alliance is a platform for anyone you wants to join me in making the athletic world a better and Greener place, please join up and help yourself and the rest of us at the same time

Good Luck and make sure you win with plants


David Ellis

Marbella, Andalucia, Spain 8th March 2019

I also run cycling experiences and training camps in Southern Spain and invite you to join me and enjoy the vegan cycling experience for yourself.